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Second Sight - Trilogy 2
For psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI Special Agent Gavin "Mac" MacMillan, the Green Earth Commune is the last place either had thought to find themselves. Trapped in a dangerous web of lies and pushed to their emotional limits, they find that trying to do what's right may have spelled the end of their relationship. Read more

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If you love exciting adventure! This series is the best! Great story plot and great characters! I am looking forward to the next book! Gives an excellent look at the region and especially tells the desert like it is! Highly recommend this series of books to all! - Dagries
5 stars for Desert Thirst - Part 1 at Amazon

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Words of Love
In Words of Love, visit the deadly Maya heartland with archaeologist Brett Delacourt and epigrapher Jessica Riley as each struggles to live a very different dream come true.

Labyrinth of Love
Explore mysterious ruins on the island of Crete with domineering Dimitrius Petros and labyrinth specialist Helen Montrose as their passions get the best of them in Labyrinth of Love.

Stars of Love
Passion quickly mounts between astronomer Rebecca Knight and reclusive billionaire Mitchell Simmons, even as they race against time and defy a deadly enemy to discover an ancient Pueblo in the American Southwest in Stars of Love.

All the Series

Island Magic Island Magic Mountain Wilds Jungle Fever Desert Thirst Arctic Exposure
SECOND SIGHT - In the fast-paced, turbulent, and passionate world of psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI profiler Gavin “Mac” MacMillan, danger awaits in the heart of Los Angeles. Six novellas. Read more

ISLAND MAGIC - Though treasure hunters Melanie Bass and Kirk Hatcher seem made for each other, not even the idyllic Caribbean can erase their past. But as the thrill of the chase gives way to the desires they can’t deny, danger surfaces nearby. One novella in three parts. Read more

MOUNTAIN WILDS - Although it takes a crash landing in the mountains of British Columbia to make pilot Logan Sanders and Dr. Jules Morgan realize they’re more than just best friends, they have no time to enjoy their discovery when their crash is located by fugitives from the law who’d rather their location remain a secret. One novella in three parts. Read more

JUNGLE FEVER - Forensic auditor Jean Willis is thrilled to be in Thailand and meeting client Clark Peterson at his rubber plantation. But business quickly gives way to pleasure, though an awful truth waits in the wings for the unsuspecting couple. One novella in three parts. Read more

DESERT THIRST - From the fiery sands to the friction of their undeniable attraction, the heat between biologist Lou Thornton and her master tracker and bush guide Quinn Caldwell threatens to scorch them both. One novella in three parts. Read more

ARCTIC EXPOSURE - Thrown together by the elements in the extreme north of Alaska, outdoor expert Austin Walker and photographer Emily DuBois must cling to each other not only for survival but a future that they desperately want. One novella in three parts. Read more