The Hollow City Coven Series

A daring quest. A lethal enemy. A protector who won’t quit. Although Wiccan Gillian Granger’s life’s work is finding a legendary city, her research in musty libraries hasn’t prepared her for fieldwork. Add a gorgeous escort, and she is completely out of her depth. Shayne Savatier knows he’s on a milk run, especially after he meets his beautiful charge. But when enemies attack her, everything changes. The mission turns deadly, passion intertwines with protection, and duty bonds hard with desire.

The Silver Wood Coven Series

Though she’s taken the name given her by a kind stranger, Summer can no more explain waking up homeless and covered in blood, than she can the extreme attraction drawing people to her. Amnesiac, confused, and frightened, she’s not even aware that she’s a witch. But help arrives in two very different forms: the cool and restrained Templar Michael Charbon and his centuries-long friend Wiccan Major Troy Atwater.

The Castle Coven Series

Novice witch Hailey Devereaux had resolved to live life as an outsider. Possessed of a unique Wiccan ability, her own people shun her. But that all ends when two very different men enter her life: the brooding Major Kieran McCallen and Coven Master Piers Dayton. But their training and tests are only the beginning. As she struggles to fulfill her destiny and find her place in the world, Hailey also discovers love.

The Magus Corps Series

Meet the warlocks of the Magus Corps, sworn to protect Wiccans at all costs. As they find and track fledgling witches, the ancient forces of good and evil vie for control. Steamy romance meets paranormal suspense when passion takes its magical course.

The Second Sight Series

Join psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI profiler Mac MacMillan as they hunt a serial killer in the streets of Los Angeles. Even as their search closes in on the kidnapper, they discover not only clues but a fiery passion that quickly consumes them.