A homecoming that tempts fate.



As Summer finally makes the journey to her mother’s home, she finds bittersweet memories waiting. Though it was the place that she was raised, her parents were murdered there. The more Summer learns about her mother, the more her own life as a Guardian becomes clear.

Meanwhile Troy and Michael do their best to put their differences behind them, but it may come too late. The power that has saved them all so many times, slowly starts to withdraw.

This is such a good series! It keeps getting better with each new book. We are treated to new revelations. Summer escapes trouble just to get back into some other type of trouble. It keeps me on my toes guessing what will happen next. I can't wait for book ten!Kindle Reviewer
What a rollercoaster ride. I'm so into this storyline. Ms. Hunter never disappoints. So there are quite a few revelations in this book. Many questions are answered. Templars and madness seem to go together, but the cause is a bit of a shock. Enemies can become friends and friends are revealed as enemies. And one manipulative player gets played… I believe comeuppance is coming! I can't wait for the next book!Kindle Reviewer
Exciting and spellbinding. Never ending heat and romance. I can't stop reading this series!Kindle Reviewer
Things in this book get really HOT and Fiery, Literally. Will Summer and her men finally find the arsonist that is setting all the wiccan's places on fire, or will they burn in the process? You MUST read this series from start to end. Looking forward to the next book in the series 🙂 Happy Reading all.Goodreads Reviewer
Fantastic. I think this is the first series I've read, apart from Tolkien and G R R Martin, where it just keeps getting better and better. The writing is more confident, more fluid, the characters more scoped….. The plot just seems to come together. For a not fan of witchy things, I've fallen in love with the series, keep it coming!Goodreads Reviewer