Though she loses a sister, she finds a new life.



For the first time ever, Kayla has no family. Though her heart tells her otherwise, she can no longer deny the truth. The young woman she had thought was her sister betrays her at every turn. But as Kayla’s life is turned inside out, one constant emerges: Ryan and his pledge of love.

With their winter refuge destroyed, Ryan moves his Fae warriors south. Although it allows them to escape the Dark Fae, he has another purpose. Once and for all he determines to get to the bottom of his lover’s mysterious past, and dispel the long shadow it casts on their future.

Wonderful rollercoaster ride!Cheri Berryman, Goodreads Reviewer
Another outstanding series from an excellent writer!PPeters, Amazon Reviewer
Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, surprise you're wrong, and something totally unexpected happens.Lynda, Goodreads
The series just keeps getting better.Raina Collins, Goodreads Reviewer