Forever Faire

She’s found a magical lover. But is he real?

Forever Faire

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HUNTED (Book 1)

Kayla Rowe and her little sister are running for their lives. Chased from town to town by a gang of bikers that no one else sees, Kayla is down to her last dollar and out of ideas. But when she stumbles into the winter camp of a man who is larger than life, her world changes.

Although Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan is entranced by Kayla’s beauty and courage, he has a band of fellow exiles he must protect. Disguised as performers in a Renaissance fair, he and his comrades hide in plain sight. But when evil follows Kayla, Ryan can no longer turn her away—or deny the passion that will upend both their worlds.

OUTCAST (Book 2)

The man of her dreams may be exactly that.

Though Kayla Rowe and her sister seem to have landed among friends, there is more to the men of Forever Faire than meets the eye—particularly Ryan. Kayla has fallen hard for him but can’t trust her senses. Their passionate encounters don’t just leave her breathless. They have her questioning the difference between the real world and her dreams.

Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan would like nothing better than to make the lovely mortal his own. But in his painful past, he was punished for just such a thing. Though his men caution him against her, it’s her sister that worries them more. Her mystery grows deeper and darker with every fact they learn. Though Ryan would do anything to keep Kayla, if she is to stay, her sister must go.

HIDDEN (Book 3)

A safe haven becomes a killing field.

Though Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan can’t regret giving protection to Kayla and her sister, their enemies have not rested. When their Dark Fae pursuers breach Forever Faire’s defenses, a bloody melee ensues. In the aftermath, Ryan reconsiders the cost of harboring his mysterious charges.

For Kayla, the fallout is not something she could not have predicted. Even as Ryan opens his heart to her, her sister shuts her out. Although Kayla discovers love, as well as her real heritage, both may come at a price.

DENIED (Book 4)

Though she loses a sister, she finds a new life.

For the first time ever, Kayla has no family. Though her heart tells her otherwise, she can no longer deny the truth. The young woman she had thought was her sister betrays her at every turn. But as Kayla’s life is turned inside out, one constant emerges: Ryan and his pledge of love.

With their winter refuge destroyed, Ryan moves his Fae warriors south. Although it allows them to escape the Dark Fae, he has another purpose. Once and for all he determines to get to the bottom of his lover’s mysterious past, and dispel the long shadow it casts on their future.


Can their love survive the battle?

As Kayla tries to come to grips with her true nature, the Dark Fae attack. In an all out bid for supremacy, the sadistic enemies unleash new evil. If she and the warriors of Forever Faire are to survive, she must find a way to master her powers.

Ryan would do anything to protect his brave band of outcasts, but placing Kayla in danger is something he won’t do. Beleaguered and outnumbered, he leads them into what may be their final battle—when help arrives from an unexpected and unwanted quarter.

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