Forever Joined

Ancient secrets are the deadliest.



Although Heather and Lucas find the acceptance and love they’ve always craved, their union with Astrid and Sander has unexpected consequences. Even as the foursome struggles with their new reality, the ancient shifters make their own plans. But with Templars at the coven’s doorstep, there are no good choices. Cut off from help and with too few Wiccans to make a stand, the wintry refuge that had once been a sanctuary becomes a trap.

As deadly plans and dangerous blood rituals swirl around the mountain like a storm, Heather realizes she must embrace her Wiccan heritage in order to save her loved ones, even if it means losing herself.

Wow what an amazing and wild ride. The imagination in this story will blow your mind. It does run on the super wild side and may not be for everyone. But if you want to walk on the wild side this series is for you.Kobo Reviewer
With the expected twists and turns that I have come to expect from Hazel Hunter, this certainly gave me a feeling of satisfaction as I reached the conclusion.Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)