Trapped insider her own mind, a young witch draws strength from an ancient one.



As coven master Piers Dayton sits vigil, novice witch Hailey Deveraux lies still as death. Lost to him after being tainted with demon’s blood, her spirit wanders in a nether world she can’t escape. To Hailey her existence has become a solitary wander through an empty Castle coven. Memories tease her but never return. Doors open but lead nowhere.

Though Piers refuses to give up hope and tries in vain to bring Major Kieran McCallen to Hailey’s side, a different aid arrives. Stepping out of legend and time, Liona di Orsini appears at the Castle. With an elegant beauty and distant gaze that Piers has only seen in the oldest of Wiccans, Liona has come to witness the turning of history. Her prophetic visions have led her to the Castle, and now to Hailey’s bed.

As Liona weaves the telling of her tale with Hailey’s own, she finds that she and the guileless, young beauty may share more than just great power. Brought together at a nexus beyond which Liona can’t see, the pair forge a bond drawn from love, passion, and pleasure.

I have read a few other books by this author and just as with the others, I was enthralled.Kindle Reviewer
This is also the story of unlocking potential, family, love, respect and acceptance in spite of adversity or maybe because of it. Well done, thank you.Kindle Reviewer