Her Warlock Protector

Take sexy warlock protectors, mix uninitiated novice witches, add deadly enemy stalkers, shake and pour.

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Her Warlock Protector Book 1

Warlock Dominic Berrett’s mission is to bring novice witches into the Wiccan fold. But Sophia Chambers, who can disappear, doesn’t want his help. Though Dominic would do anything to keep her safe, he can’t protect someone he can’t see. Little does he know that her disappearance isn’t her own doing.

Her Warlock Protector Book 2

Rogue witch Nicolette Erling is desperate to remain on her own. She can’t let herself fall for Major Sebastian Corcoran. But when he’s called back to the Corps, can he leave her vulnerable to the enemies that may find her?

Her Warlock Protector Book 3

Witchling Caitlin Monroe’s gift of prophecy is no match for General Logan MacCulloch’s of luck, particularly in the casino where she works. But when a chance brush of their hands shows her their sensual future, she bolts in fear, straight into the waiting arms of his arch enemy.

Her Warlock Protector Book 4

Rogue witch Selene Lapointe is doing very well herself by altering people’s memories for high-paying clients. But Colonel Colin MacDaniel wears her down as their sensuous parrying spirals to dizzying heights.

Her Warlock Protector Book 5

It’s not that Amanda Kirkus doesn’t want to be a witch. It’s just that she sucks at it. Luckily, Captain Vincent Harcourt is determined to change that. But as they fall helplessly in love, a nemesis from Vincent’s past makes her a pawn in a game bigger than any of them could have conceived.

Her Warlock Protector Book 6

Captain Jackson Daniels of the Magus Corps has never wanted to terminate a rogue witch so badly as he does Audrey Mather. The calculating use of her devastating sensuality to prey on helpless humans is repugnant. But when he ensnares her with his own spell of enchantment, she bares her heart to him, and he is shocked.

Her Warlock Protector Book 7

Lieutenant Trent Williamson of the Magus Corps wants a promotion. How that can possibly happen in the hick town where he’s been banished, he can’t imagine. But when novice Elaine Blackhawk becomes more than just a job, he discovers they share wild passion, as well as feral shapeshifting.

I waited with bated breath for the next installment like a fiend.Kindle Reviewer
I really like the way each warlock goes out of his way to earn the trust and affection of his witch. Wonderful collection.Kindle Reviewer