A safe haven becomes a killing field.



Though Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan can’t regret giving protection to Kayla and her sister, their enemies have not rested. When their Dark Fae pursuers breach Forever Faire’s defenses, a bloody melee ensues. In the aftermath, Ryan reconsiders the cost of harboring his mysterious charges.

For Kayla, the fallout is not something she could not have predicted. Even as Ryan opens his heart to her, her sister shuts her out. Although Kayla discovers love, as well as her real heritage, both may come at a price.

I am in love with your Forever Faire Series the plot is OMG amazing.Susana R, Amazon Reviewer
OMG!!!! The action and intrigue continues in this 3rd book . The romantic pairings are sexy and the action will keep you holding your breath. Love Kayla and Ryan as a couple.missbbbarnes, Amazon Reviewer
I never would have believed that I would like this genre but it is amazing.Lenda Burns, Amazon Reviewer