Nightmares become real as the past threatens to blot out the future.



In the hellish world of the Shadow Walk Prison, novice witch Hailey Deveraux is running out of time. As her body languishes in the real world, her spirit searches a bizarre and changing landscape. Though she’d dearly like to leave, she won’t without her two lovers.

The dark and brooding Kieran McCallen and coven master Piers Dayton are missing. Cursed by a demon, they have been banished to endlessly wander the horrible realm. Using only her feelings to guide her, Hailey navigates the Shadow Walk Prison to find them. But what she discovers are two men caught up in terrors of the past.

As Hailey is swept into their nightmares, her only fixed point is the love she feels for them. But as fears and demons assault them, the trio comes together and fractures apart. As time slips away, Hailey must ask herself one question: Is her love strong enough to bring them home?

Each of Hazel Hunter's books is a full chapter of the character's lives and leaves you both satisfied and wanting to know more.Kindle Reviewer
Our favorite guys are trapped in Shadow Walk, and its up to Hailey to bring them back.Kindle Reviewer