The most ancient of magic should never be summoned lightly.

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Captain Jackson Daniels of the Magus Corps has never wanted to terminate a rogue witch so badly as he does Audrey Mather. The calculating use of her devastating sensuality to prey on helpless humans isn’t just repugnant. It’s a reminder of the fate of his own family.

But when he ensnares her with his own spell of enchantment, she bares her heart to him, and he is utterly shocked. Rather than the soul of a killer, he finds traces of an ancient entity so powerful that not even he can resist.

When the true killer learns that their ruse has been discovered, a dangerous game begins. Immortality is a blade with two edges. They will wield it to deceive and destroy the two lovers before their growing passion and power can’t be defeated.

This world is so compelling. I can hardly put the books down.Kindle Reviewer
Enjoyed it so much I couldn't wait to get to the next book in the series.Kindle Reviewer