A daring quest. A lethal enemy. A protector who won’t quit.



Although Wiccan Gillian Granger’s life’s work is finding a legendary city, her research in musty libraries hasn’t prepared her for fieldwork. Add a gorgeous escort, and she is completely out of her depth.

Shayne Savatier knows he’s on a milk run, especially after he meets his beautiful charge. But when enemies attack her, everything changes. The mission turns deadly, passion intertwines with protection, and duty bonds hard with desire.

As an avid reader I love the fact that Gillian Granger is not only a Wiccan but a fellow bookworm/researcher. Now this is my kind of girl. Then in steps Shayne Savatier a bit of a hothead Magus Corps Officer who's been given the task of protecting Gillian as a punishment.Kindle Reviewer
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I skipped my spin class just to finish it. Great start to the series.Kindle Reviewer