Sanctuary Coven

An innocent, young woman. A single-minded warlock. A web of seduction that snares them both.

Sanctuary Coven



An innocent, young woman. A single-minded warlock. A web of seduction that snares them both.

Life is finally starting to work out for Heather Moore: a place all her own, a fulfilling career, and a wonderful new man in her life. Straight from the pages of a magazine, her French lover is the stuff of dreams. Strong and sexy, considerate and funny, it’s as though she’s been waiting for him all her short life.

But Lucas Carré is not what he seems. His immortal life as a warlock gives him every advantage, especially when it comes to his mission: to seduce the young witch in order to find her sister. But when he pulls his lover back to the coven she once escaped, dark secrets wait there—and danger.


Two pairs of lovers, and more than twice the danger.

Imprisoned by the coven, Heather and Lucas must come to grips with the legacy of deceit that has brought them together. After being seduced by the Dorays, they must also discover the real purpose of the strange pair’s visit.

But the Dorays are drawing danger to them from all sides. Though their purpose remains hidden, it is clear that the beautiful and solitary young couple are not what they appear.


Four hearts create a bond that goes beyond love.

Heather and Lucas experience the most sensual bonding of their lives, when Astrid and Sander Doray join them. In a way that seems destined, the foursome complete each other. But the intimacy comes at a cost, as the painful past of the Dorays is revealed.

But forces within and without the mountain stronghold are laying deadly plans. Even as Heather and Lucas bond tightly with their new lovers, unseen enemies come within reach.


Love may rule her heart, but not the world.

As Heather considers the possibility of immortality, initiated by her lovers, the Magus Corps intrudes. Betrayed by the warlock who managed to infiltrate the coven, their location is no longer secret. Knowing full well that the Corps won’t tolerate rogues, hurried plans are made to relocate.

But the Templars close in as well. Centuries of searching has finally paid off for a cruel Temple Master who leads his army closer. Though he senses the Wiccans are within his reach, his success is guaranteed when he manages to capture their High Priestess, Heather’s sister.


Ancient secrets are the deadliest.

Although Heather and Lucas find the acceptance and love they’ve always craved, their union with Astrid and Sander has unexpected consequences. Even as the foursome struggles with their new reality, the ancient shifters make their own plans.

But with Templars at the coven’s doorstep, there are no good choices. Cut off from help and with too few Wiccans to make a stand, the wintry refuge that had once been a sanctuary becomes a trap. As deadly plans and dangerous blood rituals swirl around the mountain like a storm, Heather realizes she must embrace her Wiccan heritage in order to save her loved ones, even if it means losing herself.

With hot and spicy scenes between the main four, plus danger on all sides, the Sanctuary Coven series is definitely warming up and becoming another feather in Hazel Hunter's cap. Definitely recommended.Merissa, Archaeolobrarian
Danger, intrigue and steamy scenes have you turning the pages until you are finished, and it's the wee hours of the morning. Book hangover until the next one.Shannon D, Goodreads
Holy Hotness, Batman! So I've come to expect deep characters and unexpected plot twists from these Coven series, but this one starts out really strong. The main characters drew me in right away.Kindle Reviewer
Totally loving the direction this series is taking. There is just a bit of humor mixed in mystery, wrapped in steamy sexiness, and bundled in fur, teeth and claws.Kindle Reviewer
If you like shifters then you will love this series. I am so thrilled with the twist on what makes a shifter.Kindle Reviewer