Sea of Love

A fractured team, a lethal foe, but the biggest enemy is time.

Sea of Love

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As Vesuvius rumbles above the ancient city of Pompeii, Summer and her team hunt for the first Fae artifact. But before they even begin, they are behind. The rogue Wiccans not only have a head start, they’re willing to do anything to win.

As Michael, Troy, the Templars, and the Fae form uneasy alliances, they struggle to avoid deadly traps. The historic city has its charms, but a vein of cruelty runs through it as well. As the team closes in on the powerful Fae artifact, it leads them to the most unlikely of places.

This is the 12th episode of the series that I've read, and I can't believe that each one seems to be better than the one before. Just when you think that the series has run out of places to go, or new plots to explore without getting ridiculous, Hazel Hunter springs a surprise and you think “Wow, didn't see that coming….”Deb Le, Goodreads Reviewer
A trip into the past is not turning into a dream vacation for the gang. Secrets and lies plague the team as they search ancient Pompeii. The tale moves quickly and I read it in one sitting. It should be interesting to see how they escape history that they've changed. I'm looking forward to the next book.Lynda, Goodreads Reviewer
The descriptions in this book paint a vivid sensuous, almost tangible picture for the reader while allowing the characters to flex their skills. I found this book to be quite a masterful blending of real historical fact with myth, magic, folk arts, fantasy and the oh so hot romance. Alana, Amazon Reviewer
I may have missed a few of the other books in between yet none of that matters. Oh my lord what a stunning book to add to this story. I'm so ready to know what's going to happen to them next.Serenity K., Amazon Reviewer
What a ride – I love every word and as usual am BEGGING Hazel to write faster : )JJ, Goodreads Reviewer