He’s desperate for her to know him. She can’t risk losing him. Will her gift drive them apart?


When psychic Isabelle de Grey discovers her ex-boyfriend is alive, nothing can stop her from finding him. But it seems that all roads lead to the Green Earth Commune and Mac has forbidden her from going. After shots were fired at them, it doesn’t take an FBI agent to know the secluded settlement is dangerous.

But disagreeing over her plans is the least of their worries as the reality of living together hits them both full force. Not what either of them had expected, the closeness they’d been desperate for only serves to drive them apart. As the mystery of the commune draws them deeper into its web of lies, Isabelle feels she has no choice. Against Mac’s wishes, she plays a risky game, when the seducer is seduced.

I never saw that coming.Kindle Reviewer
It is a great story line and I do love every book of this series. Keep it up. Great work!Kindle Reviewer