He wants a future with her. She can’t let go of the past. Will their desire be enough?


The Green Earth Commune isn’t all that it seems. When psychic Isabelle de Grey arrives, only her ability to read the past reveals something is terribly amiss. Though her instincts tell her to run, Isabelle can’t say no to a former friend in desperate need of help.

But the turmoil has just begun when FBI profiler Gavin “Mac” MacMillan arrives unexpectedly in Los Angeles. As the passion that has always claimed them heats to beyond boiling, Mac and Isabelle find themselves at a crossroads. Tugged in different directions while confronting both past and future, they find that, when it comes to choice, desire is all that matters.

This book was good! Kept me interested and just a little bit of steaminess…I will be looking into the others!!Kindle Reviewer
Excellent read!!Kindle Reviewer