Psychic readings and personality profiles don’t make a relationship—but trust does.


Although psychic Isabelle de Grey and FBI Special Agent Gavin “Mac” MacMillan are most definitely a couple, they hadn’t counted on being together 24/7. But when a serial killer known as the Chameleon takes a special interest in Isabelle, Mac refuses to leave her side.

Though deeply in love, their relationship is put to the test when the FBI, against Mac’s wishes, asks Isabelle to act as a decoy. Although Isabelle is willing, the plan unwittingly plays into Mac’s darkest and secret fear. As their relationship strains to the breaking point and Isabelle’s life hangs in the balance, Mac finally understands that every predator must have their prey.

Oh my, Hazel! You do have a way with words!Kindle Reviewer
Love this series!Kindle Reviewer