A frightful destination. A love that is destined. A fight to stay together.



As Gillian and Shayne embark on the next step of their journey, it takes an unexpected turn. Aboard a ship with an eerie captain and strange first mate, their passionate new relationship is put to the test. But finally making landfall at the fabled Midnight Market only compounds their troubles.

As Gillian searches desperately for the means to continue her quest, Shayne struggles to protect her. Though she’s pursued and seized at every turn, her own obsession is her undoing. In the Midnight Market there is only one law: everything is for sale. Everything.

With a F/F kiss, and some steamy action from Gillian and Shayne, this book continues to be hot and steamy. However, this installment is also mysterious and suspenseful. It also comes complete with an ending that leaves you wanting the next book in this series immediately.Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
Like a James Bond movie, the action is there just under the surface ready to erupt, and keeps you intrigued trying to guess what will bring the action to the surface. Meanwhile you have that 800 year old experienced warrior who knows Gillian will be his soulmate, but in her mid-twenties Gillian hasn’t come to the same conclusion yet.Kindle Reviewer