Silver Wood Coven

What if you had no memory? Not even of being a witch.

Silver Wood Coven

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Silver Wood Coven Book One

What if you had no memory? Not even of being a witch?

Templar Michael Charbon has been watching the young witch for months. Homeless, beautiful, and living in Central Park, she seems to charm everyone she meets. They shower her with kindness, and yet he never witnesses magic. Only when he rescues her from a rapist, does he understand why: Summer has no memory, not even of her real name. Though he barely resists her inexplicable pull on him, he would gladly break his vows to make her his own.

Magus Corps Major Troy Atwater is surprised to hear from Michael. But their long past together puts Michael’s word beyond doubt. Troy collects the beautiful, young witch from the Templar, before her strange attraction drives half of New York wild. A powerful warlock in his own right, Troy manages to veil her seductive appeal, so that he and the coven can help her. But a passionate bond quickly envelopes them that goes far beyond her charms.

For her part, Summer’s head is swimming. With barely a memory, she can hardly comprehend the ancient world of Wiccans and Templars. More than that she finds herself torn between two very different men. But as the extent of her powers reveal themselves and her deadly past returns in painful snippets, she finds that she isn’t meant to choose between Michael or Troy. She must have them both.

Silver Wood Coven Book Two

Sparks ignite when her rescuer becomes her captor.

Just as Summer settles into her new life with the Silver Wood coven, her world is upended. Templar Michael Charbon inexplicably kidnaps her from the very place he’d sent her for safety. Though still suffering from amnesia, Summer has learned of the long enmity between Wiccans and Templars, and tries everything to escape him. But as he thwarts her every attempt, the fierce desire that has always bonded them surfaces.

Though hundreds of miles away, warlock Troy Atwater will not give up. Taken from under his nose, he pursues his lover with a single-minded quest: to reclaim her and kill the Templar. What he finds when he tracks them down, however, rocks him to the core. Not only are Summer and Michael lovers, he finds himself drawn to join them.

What none of them know is that Michael has come under the suspicion of his Templar brothers. Though he’d thought to save Summer from a calamity at the coven, he has unwittingly placed her in grave danger. Warlock and Templar must work together or see their lover destroyed.

Silver Wood Coven Book Three

A triangle of love unites them, and gives them the strength to go on.

Still reeling from the brutal attack that has left Templar Michael Charbon fighting for his life, Summer and warlock Troy Atwater flee with him from New York. As they head to the Silver Wood Coven for refuge, they know two things: they will not be welcome, and the coven harbors a traitor.

Though Summer still suffers from amnesia, her confidence in her strange abilities begins to grow. But never does it seem more powerful when she is with the two men that she loves. She knows in her soul that are meant to be together, in every imaginable way. Unfortunately, the two men don’t agree.

At the coven, the reception of the trio is even worse than they’d feared, as relationships and people are pushed to the breaking point. But in the turmoil, Summer’s power surfaces in unexpected ways. As she and her lovers struggle with the reality of it, a new threat creeps from the shadows.

Silver Wood Coven Book Four

She was born for a purpose, and it will not be denied.

As Summer slowly recovers from being savagely attacked and left for dead, it’s not the assault that confounds her. As she, Templar Michael Charbon, and Wiccan Troy Atwater bond ever more tightly, their shared passion creates inexplicable changes in her.

Though her two lovers vow to never again leave her unprotected, her unique power draws enemies to the Silver Wood Coven that none of them could have foreseen. Besieged from within and without, fractured relationships explode while damaged ones finally heal.

As the winter solstice gathering draws closer, and the other covens converge, the stakes couldn’t be higher. But when Summer’s memories begin to return, she glimpses her terrible purpose. Not only will she need to summon her power and her courage, she must ask the ultimate of her two men.

Silver Wood Coven Book Five

For the sake of love, one woman will defy legions.

In a breathtaking vision shared by the three of them, Summer, Michael, and Troy finally learn the truth. But not only is Summer’s birth name revealed, so is her heritage and the real purpose of their passionate union.

As deadly forces close in on the winter gathering, Silver Wood coven has never been more vulnerable. Templars intent on finding the Emerald Tablet will stop at nothing to get to Summer, aided by a traitor in their midst. When the traitor finally reveals themselves, the depth of their vicious intent becomes clear.

But even as the coven readies for battle, Summer and her two lovers prepare in their own way. Though they come together in a heated and ultimate bonding, it creates another change in her. Power and memory combine, enabling her to confront her fate alone.

This is exceedingly well-written, with multiple points-of-view so that you get the complete picture. The ‘big bad' is well-hidden until the penultimate book when I figured it out, but I thought that it was still brilliant! The relationship between Summer, Michael and Troy is heartfelt and touching. With amazing supporting characters, this is a story that will grip and enchant you, right up to the climax and epilogue. Definitely recommended. Merissa, Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Books!
Very rarely can a book or book series suck me in from the very beginning. This is one of those rare finds.Kindle Reviewer
Falling in love with the series again and again.Kindle Reviewer
Hang on for this one, it's going to be a bumpy ride. 😉Kindle Reviewer