A lover from the past. A dream remembered. A sensual awakening.



As Gillian approaches her goal, it only becomes more elusive. Near the legendary city of Tenebris, attackers in the remote wilderness of Cappadocia will stop at nothing to see her fail. Though she and Shayne have help, their new companion is a complication.

As different from Shayne as could be, the mercurial Mathias is a breath of fresh air. Though he and Shayne have a history, he makes no excuses about his desire for Gillian. But for her part, Gillian senses more than just attraction. She and Mathias walk in footsteps that they’ve somehow trod before. But the strange déjà vu is not the worst part. Their dim memories mix with vivid dreams, and in those dreams she dies.

Hazel Hunter is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Stand out characters: Gillian is one gutsy woman; Shayne is swoon worthy and hot man. Now enters Mathias, making it an electric mix.Kindle Reviewer
Another great episode. Finally we have the addition of a third-party in this magical archeological journey.Kindle Reviewer