Two wild souls unlock passion and love, until duty and destiny make claims on them both.

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Lieutenant Trent Williamson of the Magus Corps wants a promotion. How that can possibly happen in the hick town where he’s been banished, he can’t imagine. Though he ought to be slaying Templars, he’s babysitting.

Of course Wiccan novice Elaine Blackhawk doesn’t know that. She barely knows she’s a witch. Despite the blood of Medicine Women running in her veins, she’s at a loss to explain her bizarre nighttime escapades. On the verge of thinking herself insane, Trent appears. As feral and wild as herself, something in him calls to her.

Their shapeshifting and love-making are a revelation to her, but to him she’s a means to an end. Forced to choose between the only home she’s ever known or protecting her loved ones by leaving, Elaine is caught in a dangerous game that quickly grows deadly.

Wonderful book and enjoyable experience!Kindle Reviewer
This is my favorite of all seven stories in the series.Kindle Reviewer