Castle Coven Book 2

AbandonedWith her love affair lying in ashes, an inscrutable stranger fans the embers.

On the verge of starting a new life with the man she loves, novice witch Hailey Deveraux’s world is yanked from underneath her. Without explanation, Major Kieran McCallen has abandoned her at the doorstep of a new coven. Though her heart and soul tell Hailey that he loved her too, it doesn’t change the shattered spirit he leaves behind.

Though Hailey must restart her life yet again, the remote Castle coven of Wyoming is different. From the smallest child to the most experienced Wiccan, they seem to embrace the strange gift that she brings, especially the enigmatic coven master, Piers Dayton.

Though Piers already knew that Hailey would fit into his future plans for the coven, he had no idea how perfectly she would fill the jagged hole in his life. Though he begins slowly with the elfin and fragile Hailey, his need to dominate her unleashes desire in them both. But before she can truly learn the extent of her power, a vile evil breaches the coven’s border.

What Readers Are Saying

So unexpected! No way to be prepared for the twists in this book. Totally unprepared and anxious to see how the resolution will happen. Next book!

Reviewer, Amazon

I really really want to hate Kieran for just leaving her with really no explanation, and I think because of that I'm really rooting for Piers in this story.

Genna, Amazon

Looks like Hailey has found a new home. The people of Castle are accepting her, but can she get over Kieran and the way he left?

Reviewer, Amazon

A wonderful continuation.

Reviewer, Amazon

Hazel Hunter writes each story as if it is a chapter in a person's life. Each book brings you a portion of their story and leaves you both satisfied and wanting more. I fully recommend this and all of the Hazel Hunter books I've read so far to anyone looking for a good read.

kj, Amazon