Darksilver Book 1

ArneShe’s found the man of her dreams, but he’s obviously not real. Or is he?

When photographer Danielle Reeve is hired to document the restoration of a remote estate, she’s mystified but pleased. Though she’ll need to bring every bit of equipment she owns, it’s a break from the unending family portraits. But the photos of the mansion interiors, particularly the ballroom with its mirrors, reveal the ghostly image of a handsome warrior who seems to be watching her. Though only an illusion of the light, she is mesmerized.

Blade Lord Arne of the House of Eagles is a warrior of two worlds. With enough vassals and duties to keep ten men busy, he has let himself become captivated with Danielle. From the moment she entered his domain he can hardly take his eyes from her. But Arne also senses the hand of an ancient enemy at work, one who plays a very dangerous game.

Only when desire sweeps away all barriers does Arne understand what is truly at stake. He will have to break the most ancient of vows in order to make Danielle his.


Not Your Average Vampire. I was anxiously awaiting the release of the first book in this series, and I was not disappointed. Funny (Dani’s phrases) and intriguing (Arne’s story), making way for a new type of vampire you will want to get to know.
Yeidi Figueroa, Amazon
It's packed full of action and forbidden love that will melt the most hardened of hearts.
Alison Pridie, Amazon
A new twist on vampires. I have loved reading Hazel Hunter's books and this one was no exception. Instead of the time-travel books for which she has been famous for, this one dives into a parallel dimension.
Faythe, Amazon
Hazel Hunter is back with a unique Mirror Universe to ours storyline that hooks you right from the start full of mystery, intrigue, kidnapping, Vampires, different dimension, you can't put this book down until finished such an addicting read.
Diane, Amazon
It’s a crazy, romantic, amazing world we’ve entered in this book and you just have to read it! It contains many plot twists you won’t see coming in addition to Hazel Hunter’s tried and true creative, romantic writing.
L Porter, Amazon