Darksilver Book 4

BarenThe déjà vu is irresistible but it will change everything.

Although Sophia Page has hopes for a reconciliation with her estranged father, they are dashed when she arrives home only to discover his body. Despite his immense estate, she can find no clue as to why he has summoned her or the suspicious timing of his death. Only the strikingly handsome manager who has just arrived at the stables seems willing to help her investigate. Although he’s a stranger, her uncanny attraction to him is hauntingly familiar.

Blade Lord Baren of the House of Wolves arrives on Terra only to find himself in the middle of a crisis. Although a trail of money leads to a stately upstate New York manor, the dead owner is beyond his reach. His lovely daughter, however, becomes an ally and an obsession. While the mysteries mount, Baren is sure of one thing: Sophia must never learn how he knows her.