Immortal Highlander Clan Skaraven Book 2

CadeyrnA woman from the present day will do anything to escape the ordeal of medieval Scotland. But will she betray the man she loves?

Lily Stover can no longer cope. Nothing in her previous life as a chef could have prepared her for her grim new reality. Starvation, beatings, and daily terror are her routines. The only flicker of hope is the memory of the massive warrior who once fought to free her. She can still see his golden eyes glaring into hers.

War Master Caderyn can no longer sleep. His dreams are haunted by the lovely lass whose face silently pleads to him for help. His patrols range further and further, driven by that vision. But when he finally finds her stumbling through the forest, he embraces a future that is not what it seems.

What Readers Are Saying


Diane, Amazon

The interaction between the characters is engaging and endearing. Loved it.

Deb Le, Goodreads

I have developed a pattern with the Immortal Highlander series. I am captivated from page 1, sucked back in time with these amazing women, and entangled in the lives of this fascinating clan of warrior former slaves. I binge read the whole book.

Book Girl, Amazon

Caderyn has to use all his skills and improvise constantly when they do escape, in order for them to stay alive and ahead of their pursuing captors. Will it be enough?

Hotwheels Harry, Amazon

This is a wonderful journey filled with a large dose of mystery and a fair share of angst, and of course, some serious chemistry.

jeanne, amazon

Never wanted to put it down.

Stephanie, Amazon

A love story that will grip your heartstrings.

Rickie51, Amazon

This author is like creativity on steroids.

L Porter, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

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Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 6 hrs, 39 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.
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