Call of Fate

Silver Wood Coven Book 11

BrennusIt’s only a dream team if the dream is a nightmare.

Summer and her sentinel mates have their hands full when the Magus Corps calls for help. Not only has a band of rogue Wiccans embarked on a bizarre killing spree, they seem intent on a hidden agenda. Although Michael and Troy stand firmly at her side, the Corps doesn’t make it easy. They insist that she take help with her.

Michael comes face to face with his past when the Corps demands that Summer’s team includes Templars. Not only has the ancient brotherhood been victims of the rogue Wiccans, they possess arcane knowledge that will help find them.

Likewise Troy is suspicious of the final team member. Though he had heard of the Fae, he had never met one—until now. Her ancient ties to artifacts of immense power may turn the tide, but her true motives are as inscrutable as her race.

What Readers Are Saying

Another “slam dunk” for the masterful Hazel Hunter and her band of magical beings! Am I the only one asking why the heck this has not been made into a weekly television series?

Reviewer, Goodreads

This installment is another winner in the Silver Wood Coven series! The trio of Summer, Michael, and Troy are getting stronger together. New characters are introduced. There's danger and twists. The sex is hot. I just can't get enough and am awaiting the next installment!

Reviewer, Goodreads

I always enjoy the dynamics among them and they really have become a sold team now. Her men are just as protective as she is of them.

Reviewer, Goodreads

The latest question is…will their new assignment make them or break them?

Reviewer, Amazon

Holy crossover Batman!

Reviewer, Amazon