Immortal Highlander Clan MacRoss Book 3

CamdynAn amateur magician’s disappearing act lands her in medieval Scotland.

Although Isabel Murray loves a good joke, she can hardly believe the elaborate prank of finding herself in an ancient forge. But things get a little more real when its bad-tempered armorer hauls her in front of the rest of the MacRoss warriors.

Despite the entire clan being completely charmed by Isabel, Camdyn keeps her at arm’s length. Not only is he busy making weapons, but he’s sworn off women. Little by little though, the quirky lass works inside his defenses as the two try to learn what the Fire Sword has planned for her.

But the enchanted weapon isn’t the only one with a secret plan. The high-born daughter of a mortal ally will do anything to have Camdyn to herself, including enlisting the aid of their Carack enemies.