Her Warlock Protector Book 4

ColinThough her power can change a person’s memory, it’s his heart that can’t forget her.

Adept, powerful, and doing well for herself, witch Selene Lapointe has no problem operating as a rogue. Her ability to alter people’s memories serves many clients, and has sent many members of the Magus Corps running.

But that all changes when Colonel Colin MacDaniel arrives. Rather than avoid her gift, he opens himself to it. She can hardly believe it as he keeps confronting her, and yet offers no resistance except his seemingly heartfelt desire to protect her.

As he begins to wear her down, passion heats up. Soon the pair find themselves in the grip of desires that have gone too long unfulfilled. But as their sensuous parrying spirals to dizzying heights, her secret patron is forced to reveal her for what she is.

What Readers Are Saying

Excellent story! I really liked Selene. She's a strong girl, and has reservations about using her powerful gift. I liked Colin too, for his perseverance.

Reviewer, Amazon

Another riveting story from Hazel Hunter.

Reviewer, Amazon

Over 1,000 years has taught him honesty is the best policy.

Reviewer, Amazon

Great series!

Reviewer, Amazon