Immortal Highlander Clan MacMar Book 1

ConnalAfter tragic loss, can new love be born?

In Valerie Baker’s marriage, nothing was as it seemed. Not only had her husband fallen out of love with her, he’d lied. Even as she’d clung to him, he’d stolen from her and carried on an affair. But it was only after his suicide that she’d learned any of it. She doesn’t just mourn her husband, but her ability to trust again.

Laird Connal MacMar is but a shadow of his former self. After his mortal wife threw herself from a cliff into the sea, he’d burrowed into his keepe. His chieftains wait for the day he claims his duties and former life, but Connal wants none of it. He resigns himself to an eternity of heartbreak, until the moment a dazed Valerie emerges from the water, wearing his dead wife’s ring.

But the worries of the world don’t pause for the grieving pair. The king of the Finfolk asserts his claim over her, since she was discovered in the sea. Meanwhile, an ancient huntress seizes her opportunity to spring a deadly trap. With war looming and the safety of his clan at stake, Connal must take a stand or lose Valerie forever.