Can their love survive the battle?

As Kayla tries to come to grips with her true nature, the Dark Fae attack. In an all out bid for supremacy, the sadistic enemies unleash new evil. If she and the warriors of Forever Faire are to survive, she must find a way to master her powers.

Ryan would do anything to protect his brave band of outcasts, but placing Kayla in danger is something he can’t do. Beleaguered and outnumbered, he leads them into what may be their final battle—when help arrives from an unexpected and unwanted quarter.

There is always a sad moment in every series when you come to the last, and IMO most important book. The final book can make or break a series no matter how good the previous books. This series has been my first introduction to Hazel Hunter and I thoroughly enjoyed all the preceeding books. I'm glad to say the final one did not disappoint. All questions were answered, all loose ends tied up and a satisfying HEA. I will definitely be reading more of this author.Linda, Goodreads Reviewer
The series finale and it didn't disappoint. I love how the stories of Kayla and Ryan mix with Christine, Tara and their men. Thoroughly enjoyed!Jen M, Amazon Reviewer
I have to say this was a bitter sweet ending to this series. Ryan showed his love Kayla a new side of herself. She finally learns who she is while in the middle of a fight with the Bloodstones.Jan Janus, Goodreads
A great ending to the series. Not to give any spoilers, but questions are finally answered and there are some great surprises.Raina, Goodreads Reviewer
Great Fantasy Read! I loved this book! The characters are brave and passionate. I enjoyed the love stories between Kayla and Ryan and Jannon and Tara, and the way the Faire Fae accepted and embraced Tara even with her history. The ending was spectacular.Amazon Reviewer
I love this series! This last book does not disappoint in any way. It rounds out the characters nicely and ties up the plot with some nice surprises.Alana, Amazon Reviewer

Warm, damp night air sifted over Kayla Rowe as she gripped the dragon’s neck ridge and peered down at the lake below them. Dozens of enormous, slime-covered Dark Fae monsters slithered from the water as they attacked the men of Forever Faire. Although Kayla knew the Fae warriors all to be battle-hardened, superb fighters, they would soon be overwhelmed by the creatures.

You must free my brothers and sisters, lady, Fallon thought to her through their telepathic link. He began to drop down toward the trees. Remove the keys from them, and tell them this.

Kayla listened to the guttural string of sounds the dragon thought to her. “I don’t think I can say that.”

Fallon circled over the camp until he hovered above a cluster of large, powerful motorcycles.

Only remember it, and they will hear it in their minds.

“All right.” She glanced back over her shoulder at her sister, Christine Marszalek. “I’m going to get the rest of the dragons. You and Fallon keep the Blackstones busy—but don’t get too close, and stay away from the shadows.”

“We’ve got your back.” Christine said, handing her a dagger. Then she gave her a quick hug. “Be careful.”

Fallon’s long wings flapped rapidly as he dropped low enough for Kayla to jump to the ground. The air he displaced as he soared back into the sky blasted her for a moment. Then she ran to the motorcycles, yanking the keys from their ignitions as their engines roared to life.

Fallon sent me to free you. Kayla blasted the thought at the bikes as she waded through them. He gave me a message, too. Listen to me.

By the time she had run through her memory of Fallon’s message, all of the bikes had gone silent. She wrenched out the last key and threw all of them into the woods.

A cacophony of dragon voices filled her mind. They roared and screeched, their rage almost tangible.

“Stop,” she said through clenched teeth. She staggered back a pace. “Stop.”

It was like an ice pick being driven from temple to temple. Groaning, she dropped to her knees. Acid climbed in the back of her throat, and their voices crescendoed even higher. Tunnel vision took over, narrowing her sight. She was starting to black out. Despite the pain, she focused on the strongest thoughts.

Fallon is dead, one said, killed by you and the Fae.

“No,” she said, gasping as she braced a hand on the nearest bike. She flooded it with memories of Fallon helping her and Christine escape the Blackstones. “He asked for sanctuary. I promised him we would try to free the rest of you. That’s why I’m here. He brought me to you.”

Kayla could sense some of the dragon herd listening. She projected memories of her conversations with Fallon since giving him sanctuary. Scene after scene flowed through her mind, until finally the voices in her head gradually quieted. She took a shaky breath, and got unsteadily to her feet.

The biggest of the bikes approached and came to a stop in front of her.

You vow your men will not slay us?

“They don’t want to hurt anyone,” she said. “But they will defend themselves against any attack.”

Why should we risk our lives to help you and Fallon? one of the other dragons demanded. You offer nothing in return.

Kayla nodded. “I have nothing to give you except your freedom—from cruel masters who don’t care if you live or die.”

The dragons thought to each other in their own language for several minutes, before the biggest backed away from Kayla.

We will transform and follow Fallon.

She concealed a huge wave of relief. “Have you seen Tara Blackstone?”

Master Dirk had her taken to his tent, the dragon replied, and showed Kayla how to get to it. He beat her badly for trying to deceive him.

Although she knew Tara wasn’t her sister, the thought of the frail teenager being abused by Dirk made Kayla swallow against a new surge of bile.

“I’m going to free her. Please try to keep the guards away so I can.”

The dragon’s surly distrust seemed to melt away.

The little one is not like her kin. She is special to us. Be gentle with her.

“I will.”

Kayla hurried off toward Dirk’s tent. It looked like only a few shelters had been pitched. Although the camp looked deserted, Kayla kept her head low. Dirk and his men were probably at the lake, but it didn’t hurt to be careful. When she reached the tent, she peered through the flap first, then she slipped inside.

As her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit gloom, Kayla put a hand to her mouth.


Her battered, drooping form had been tied to the center support pole. Her swollen eyes were shut and her thin arms loosely circled her abdomen. She appeared to be unconscious and barely breathing.

Fury, pity, and guilt warred in Kayla’s chest. If Dirk loved Tara, then why did he treat her like his worst enemy? This wasn’t love. It was twisted. Once more Kayla gave silent thanks that she had found Ryan before Dirk had gotten his hands on her.

As Kayla took a step forward, Tara lifted her head and gave her a ghastly, bloody smile.

“If you try to use my mouth again,” she said, her voice ragged. “I’ll bite it off.”

“It’s me, honey,” Kayla said, rushing over to her. She knelt down to slice at the knotted cords binding the teenager’s wrists. “I’m going to get you out of here.”

Tara grunted and spat out blood.

“Why?” she wheezed. “I’m with my clan now. I belong to–” As she moved to avoid Kayla, Tara bit back a cry. “Don’t touch me.”

Kayla understood now why her breathing was so shallow. “Your beloved clan broke your ribs.” She drew her razor-sharp blade across her palm. “Here.” She held the gash closer. “It’s okay. I want to heal you.”

Tara turned her head away. “I don’t want your blood or your help. Leave me alone.”

“I forgot, you prefer to be beaten and abused.”

Kayla touched her cheek, and a blue glow appeared under her fingertips that flooded over Tara’s skin. Slowly the swelling and bruises faded from her face, and she stopped clutching her sides. But her eyes went wide.

“How did you do that?”

Kayla shook her head. “I don’t know.”

She had seen the same kind of light appear when she’d saved Ryan’s life. But she’d thought it had been something between them. She stared at her hand. Did she have some kind of Fae healing power?

“We’ll figure it out later,” she said, and helped Tara to her feet. “Come on. We’ve got to move.”

“You’re being an idiot,” Tara said and picked up an ugly-looking, spiked club. Though Kayla tensed, Tara went to the flap of the tent and looked outside. “My clan is circling around the lake to attack the Fae, so you’ll have to go back through the woods. I’ll hold them off as long as I can.”

“If you’re such a loyal Blackstone, then why did Dirk beat you and tie you up?” When Tara didn’t answer, Kayla wrenched the club from her grasp, and threw it across the tent. “Did he rape you this time? Or is that for later, during the Dark Fae victory party?”

Her thin face paled. “It doesn’t matter what happens to me now.”

“Really? Okay. Why didn’t you kill Jannon before you escaped?” As Tara looked away, Kayla came around to face her. “I’ll tell you why. You couldn’t do it. The same way you couldn’t drop me in Dirk’s lap when you pushed me through that portal. You’re not like them—and I’ll tell you why. Because they didn’t raise you. I did.”

The teenager pushed her away. “I’m not your sister.”

“I don’t care who or what you are. You may not want to be my sister, but I’m yours.” She grabbed Tara’s rigid shoulders and gave her a shake. “And for your information, that isn’t because of your magick or your curse or whatever the hell the clan did to you. I love you. That’s never going to change.”

A profound weariness filled Tara’s gray eyes. “But you know what I am—what I was born to be.”

“That’s their shit, not yours. You’re old enough to decide who you are, and choose the family you want.” Kayla pulled her close, wrapping her arms around the thin body. “Pick me, Tara. Screw the Blackstones. Be a Rowe.”

Christine ducked inside the tent, making them both jump. Her pretty face was smudged with soot.

“Uh, ladies, I hate to interrupt the sister reunion, but it’s time to go kick some slime monster ass and save our boys.”

“The only way to destroy them is with dragonfire,” Tara said, “or by keeping them out of the water. They can’t survive long on land.” Tara slipped free of Kayla’s embrace and faced the woman she had so long ago replaced. “Or you could toss me to them.”

“I vote for dragon bad breath,” Christine said, and inclined her head toward the outside of the tent. “I’ve got Fallon and fourteen of his pals waiting to give us a ride back. I say we talk to them, girlfriends, and see if they’ll switch sides.”

Tara and Kayla nodded together. They left the tent, but as soon as the dragon herd saw Tara, they tried to crowd around her. She lifted her hands to stroke as many muzzles as she could before stopping in front of Fallon. Kayla gaped as the two eyed each other. Though she couldn’t hear them, she was sure they were conversing. Evidently the teenager spoke fluent dragon.

The huge black dragon lowered his head to nudge Tara onto his back before he regarded Kayla.

Thank you for saving our little one, my lady. She is most precious to us.

Kayla knew the dragon had cared for Tara when she was a baby. Feeling the strong emotions pouring out of the entire herd, however, made her realize all the dragons considered the teenager as one of them.

“The clan is on the other side of the lake now,” Tara said, holding her hand down to Christine and hoisting her up. “While they’re attacking the Fae, the creatures will be vulnerable. I’ll lead the herd against them.”

“You do that,” Christine said, “and Dirk will kill you the next time he grabs you.”

Tara turned to face her. “He’ll have to get through the dragons.” She glanced at Kayla before she added, “and my Fae clan.”

The dancer planted her hands on her hips. “About time you figured that out, kid.”

As Kayla climbed up with the two other women, she opened her mouth to tell Tara to stay behind—that she and Christine could handle the dragons. But she stopped. Her days of being the overprotective older sister were over.

“Fallon,” Kayla said, “drop me and Christine near our men.” She glanced at her sister. “Ryan may be in berserker mode, so steer clear of him.”