Forever Faire Book 5

DestinedCan their love survive the battle?

As Kayla tries to come to grips with her true nature, the Dark Fae attack. In an all out bid for supremacy, the sadistic enemies unleash new evil. If she and the warriors of Forever Faire are to survive, she must find a way to master her powers.

Ryan would do anything to protect his brave band of outcasts, but placing Kayla in danger is something he can’t do. Beleaguered and outnumbered, he leads them into what may be their final battle—when help arrives from an unexpected and unwanted quarter.

What Readers Are Saying

There is always a sad moment in every series when you come to the last, and IMO most important book. The final book can make or break a series no matter how good the previous books. This series has been my first introduction to Hazel Hunter and I thoroughly enjoyed all the preceeding books. I'm glad to say the final one did not disappoint. All questions were answered, all loose ends tied up and a satisfying HEA. I will definitely be reading more of this author.

Linda, Goodreads

The series finale and it didn't disappoint. I love how the stories of Kayla and Ryan mix with Christine, Tara and their men. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Jen M, Amazon

I have to say this was a bitter sweet ending to this series. Ryan showed his love Kayla a new side of herself. She finally learns who she is while in the middle of a fight with the Bloodstones.

Jan Janus, Goodreads

A great ending to the series. Not to give any spoilers, but questions are finally answered and there are some great surprises.

Raina, Goodreads

Great Fantasy Read! I loved this book! The characters are brave and passionate. I enjoyed the love stories between Kayla and Ryan and Jannon and Tara, and the way the Faire Fae accepted and embraced Tara even with her history. The ending was spectacular.

Kindle Reviewer, Amazon

I love this series! This last book does not disappoint in any way. It rounds out the characters nicely and ties up the plot with some nice surprises.

Alana, Amazon