Her Warlock Protector Book 1

DominicHis mission is to find her. Her talent is to stay hidden. Hide and seek has never felt so good.

Timid but tough Sophia Chambers has finally found the perfect job for her strange ability. As a private detective’s assistant, she trails and photographs people with ease, because she can make herself unseen. But when she stumbles into the arms of Dominic Berrett, she finds she no longer wants to hide.

Though Dominic’s stunning looks could easily make him a model, he’s the farthest thing from it. As a warlock and captain in the Magus Corps, he’s been deployed to bring Sophia into a witchcraft fold that she doesn’t even know exists. Despite his five-hundred years as an immortal, he discovers something unexpectedly captivating in the beautiful but shy young woman.

But when her deadly past catches up to her and an ancient enemy of witchcraft emerges, their newfound passion strains to the breaking point. Though Dominic would do anything to keep her safe, he can’t protect someone he can’t see. Little does he know that her disappearance isn’t her own doing.

What Readers Are Saying

I really enjoyed this book. It was different and engaging. Although clearly part of a series, it doesn't leave you hanging with an unresolved storyline.

Reviewer, Amazon

I recently discovered this author and I'm very glad I did. Each book is amazing and leave you waiting for the next one.

Reviewer, Amazon

I really loved reading this book, it hooked me from the start. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Loved Dominic and Sophia!

Reviewer, Amazon

The sex was steaming hot. The violence was brief but rough. The storyline was good. This is the second one in this series that I’ve read and the writing is consistently good.

Reviewer, Amazon

Take one brave and honorable warrior, mix with one recovering witchling, add a dangerous enemy stalker and romance. Shake and stir.

Reviewer, Amazon