Immortal Highlander Clan Skaraven Book 3

EvanderTwo lost souls forge something beautiful from something broken.

Rachel Ingram is living the dream. Heiress to billions, she’s engaged to the perfect man. But with the sudden death of her parents, her world begins to crumble. When she discovers her new husband’s true nature, her life implodes.

Evander Talorc is living a nightmare. Traitor to his clan of immortal highlanders, he lives alone in a remote cottage. But it was not always that way. Once he had given up everything for the sake of his mortal lover. Then she died of the plague. But when he visits her grave at the center of the sacred grove, he encounters the unbelievable.

Abandoned and forgotten, Rachel and Evander find each other. But the rest of the world will not let them be.

What Readers Are Saying

I adore this series, and this is my absolute favourite so far. I'm a sucker for the whole anti-hero deal.

Oscar, Amazon

Evander has his faults, but he is a good man at heart, and when he finally finds Rachel we actually get to see his heart of hearts. Lots of love, passion and of course suspense and fighting.

Jan Janus, Amazon

When the paths of these two lost souls cross, something magical happens. I appreciated the pace of the story, as well as the interesting twists and turns. I adored the dynamic between Evander and Rachael, as well as their journey towards happiness.

AC_1098610, Amazon

Their connection is so intense and they really have to battle for their love. I really enjoyed watching their love grow and their hope for a future together.

L. Levine, Amazon

I don't know why I doubted. It was just as amazing as the other books in this series. I've forgiven Evander and was even moved to tears in parts of his story. We get to see him in a new light as well as a teaser of the druid's plot. So it is definitely worth the read. Don't skip this one!!!

Kindle Reviewer

I often get teary at parts of a plot, but this one had me sobbing at one point. That's how real the emotions were.

Shirley Foster, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

Evander is now available on audiobook from these online booksellers:

Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 7 hrs, 5 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.

The Sizzling Sample (NSFW)

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What Listeners Are Saying

WARNING: I found it almost impossible to do anything else while listening to this one (and I had already read the ebook so I knew what was going to happen). I was on the edge of my seat listening. I'm not sure how people actually do stuff while listening (or maybe their books aren't as good?).

MyOhMy, Audible
This series keeps getting better. I binge listened to this book and actually teared up at one point. I cannot wait for Audible to release the next book. I am completely hooked on this series!
N. Johnson, Audible
Having a book set in Scotland read by a Scottish reader makes the story even better. This book has adventure, drama, and scorching hot scenes. I highly recommend it.
Lisa Maher, Audible