Falling for Angels

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Falling for AngelsStart with a clan of immortal highlanders. Add my Angels cheerleading squad. Mix in druids and time travel, and that’s just where our story begins.

Did I mention that our plane to Scotland crashed?

It wasn’t part of the plan. But when all the members of the Highland Angels cheerleading team came through the portal, the plan didn’t matter. We’d finally returned to Clan McGillean, the immortal warriors who’d been waiting for us in medieval Scotland.

But they weren’t the only ones on the lookout for us. Let’s just say that coaching the squad involved dealing with shape-shifters, dark magic, and crazy new powers, not to mention some romantic tangles that got a bit…complicated.

Talk about a rough landing.

(Originally released as weekly short stories for my newsletter subscribers from March to December of 2020.)


Hilarious meshing of new world and old. Truly we all need to remember if we stick together fighting a common enemy, good will win over evil. Love is worth the fight. Stay safe, stay strong, stay united!
Kindle Customer, Amazon
Secrets and mysteries abound in this third book about Dredthorne Hall, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the final twist in the storyline.
Annette, Amazon