Immortal Highlander Clan MacMar Book 2


Public humiliation and heartbreak make for a disastrous wedding day.

New York seamstress Lark Ambrose has faced adversity in her life, but nothing prepares her for being jilted at the altar. Not only has her fiancé fled with his secretary and Lark’s life savings, he’s taken her faith in love. Dressed in the wedding gown she created, she blindly flees the church to end up by herself at a fountain in Central Park—where she spots a strangely glittering ring.

Fletcher MacMar had at first thought he was rescuing a child. But when he pulled Lark from the bay, her clinging dress revealed a woman’s curves. Not only is he stunned at the beauty of her gorgeous face, but that he can see a face at all. As the seneschal grapples with his sudden ability, intense feelings bloom for Lark. But he knows he must keep his distance or his cursed life will claim her as another victim.

But Lark’s arrival has also been noticed by a vengeful Fae enchantress. If she can track the newcomer, the centuries long search for the MacMar will finally come to its lethal end.