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Forever Faire

Forever Faire Box SetShe’s found a magical lover. But is he real?

Kayla Rowe and her little sister are running for their lives. Chased from town to town by a gang of bikers that no one else sees, Kayla is down to her last dollar and out of ideas. But when she stumbles into the winter camp of a man who is larger than life, her world changes.

Although Fae warrior Ryan Sheridan is entranced by Kayla’s beauty and courage, he has a band of fellow exiles he must protect. Disguised as performers in a Renaissance fair, he and his comrades hide in plain sight. But when evil follows Kayla, Ryan can no longer turn her away—or deny the passion that will upend both their worlds.

What Readers Are Saying

WOW!!! This was a Gr8 story. I love stories of the Fae & I think this one just became my favorite. Hazel, I love the way you bring all of the people together in this story & how they all intersect. 5 Thumbs up. I loved it.

ladycolor7, Amazon

So much action, griping storyline, fantastic characters. Honestly I couldn't put it down! The mystery, intrigue and suspense are mind blowing. This is easily one of my favorite series I have ever read. If your into magic, fae, and amazing storyline you have GOT to read this one.

Pam Louis, Amazon

An ending that will surprise you.

Amanda Kaye, Amazon

Her writing is concise and brings you out of your world and into hers.

catwoman1a, Amazon

I loved these books. I'm glad I discovered them after the series was complete, because it would have been torture waiting for the next book.

Charles E. Aylworth, Amazon

Wow…… Now this is a series i will read again.

Christina H., Amazon

Brilliance in a Box Set. This is hands down one of my favorite series collections. Bringing Hazel's unique spin to the world of the Fae was a stroke of absolute genius. The Forever Faire series is a fantastic, vivid, and vibrant story.

Kindle Reviewer, Amazon

This book is a magical ride filled with as many ups as there are downs.

kiemo, Amazon

I enjoyed the fact that the heroines in this series did not become damsels in distress, but were very much saviors.

BOUDICA26, Amazon

A box set at last!!

Iowa Mama, Amazon