Castle Coven Book 1

FoundEven an outcast can reach for love.

Though novice witch Hailey Devereaux seems to have settled into her latest coven, she knows that it can’t last. Tucked against the remote Alps of northern Italy, the Angioli coven is ill at ease with their newest member. Whispers and fearful glances follow her everywhere.

But the arrival of a Magus Corps major ends all that. Kieran McCallen isn’t afraid of her singular ability. Instead he’s been sent to nurture and test it. Though Hailey’s waif-like and delicate beauty are charming, her power is the stuff of legend.

Each loners in their own way, Kieran glimpses Hailey’s fiercely protective spirit when it comes to friends. For her part, Hailey dares to hope that she’s found the person and place meant for her. But their bond is put to the test by danger and by duty, forcing each of them to impossible choices.

What Readers Are Saying

Danger, drama, action, romance, amazing characters, wonderful storyline and a whole lot more.

Reviewer, Amazon

I was recently introduced to this author and this series. I love it. Hailey has lead such a lonely life.

Reviewer, Amazon

…this book is solid and I really do feel that the author understands (and loves) her world – which is always great.

Emma, Amazon

I enjoyed this one. I have read a few other books by this author and just as with the others, I was enthralled. I was so involved with the story, the characters, the Abbey, and trying to both figure out what was happening and what was going to happen that I was at the end before I realized it.

kj, Amazon

He could find me any day. I couldn't put this book down. Its the first in a series and I can't wait to read book two.

flsungodes, Amazon