Immortal Highlander Book 5

GavinThough his body is healed, a modern-day vet in medieval Scotland must find a way to mend his heart.

Though Gavin McShane is happy for his sister and her new life, his own has foundered. As he tries to recover from his lover’s betrayal, he finds solace in the work of being a fisherman in the Orkneys. On his tiny island he finds relief in seclusion—until he meets the ghostly Blue Lady of Marr.

Young druidess Catriona Haral is no phantom. But her hidden existence has made her seem so, even to herself. When Gavin wanders into her secret glen, she wonders if she’s found a reason to want to live again.

But Catriona wasn’t hiding on a whim. When her reasons are revealed, the might of the McDonnel clan and the judgement of the druids land at her doorstep.

What Readers Are Saying

I would say this is the best yet.

Theresa DeBacker, Amazon

I am so sad that this will be the last of the Immortal Highlander Books. I really enjoyed every one of them.

Stephanie, Amazon

I'm not one for spoilers but I will tell you, the elation I felt throughout this entire book was remarkable. The Characters, the twist, the action, the list goes on and on. If you have not read this series I highly recommend you do.

Jan Janus, Amazon

Oh my, this is my absolute favourite of the series so far. I love the mix between paranormal, time travel and romance, it's a huge winner.

Oscar, Amazon

Action, drama, humor, intrigue, and romance that kept me entertained throughout.

AC_1098610, Amazon

An exhilarating ending to an amazing series.

Hotwheels Harry, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

Gavin is now available on audiobook from these online booksellers:

Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 6 hrs, 57 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.

The Sizzling Sample (NSFW)
The Retailer Sample

What Listeners Are Saying

I didn't finish this until 3:30 AM because I kept listening to just one more chapter. William Macleod really brings the story to life. Smooth, easy to understand and the accent was just right. Immerse yourself in the story--it's well worth the time, just start earlier than I did because you'll become engrossed and not want to miss any or stop it. Highly recommended.

MyOhMy, Audible

Gavin is an absolute gem! If you love time travel, strong characters, with a decadently lush nuanced story line, this book checks all the boxes. The series has been a delight to listen to, and Gavin ended the series on a high note. The narration enriched the drama and emotion of Gavin and Cat's tale. I look forward to revisiting the whole series at a later date, as I love to listen to series back to back.

kai, Audible

Powerful, magical storytelling...not to be missed. The characters are endearing, the story is mesmerizing and the ending is stunning. When I read the book, I was deeply moved by this story and the endearing characters. I thought it couldn't get any better, but that was before l listened to the Audible version! Suddenly, it was as if a whole new story appeared.

jeanne, Audible