Silver Wood Coven Book 8

GoneThe strongest bonds can be broken.

After almost being killed by an arsonist, Summer flees Montreal with her mates. Though sad to leave one father’s city manor, her other father’s rural farm is a welcome haven. With the scent of maple in the air, Summer and her men explore hidden rooms and secret gardens. But as they come closer to learning the truth of her legacy, their enemies conspire.

Summer doesn’t know what her mother did to make the High Priestess of Montreal despise her, but the woman’s hatred is palpable. Though she seems to have delivered them to safety, none of them trust her—at a time when trust is thin on the ground.

Summer finally confronts the fact that her mates are keeping secrets from her. As the rift between Troy and Michael deepens, the strain on their triad reaches the breaking point.

What Readers Are Saying

This series never disappoints. If you stumbled on this book, I recommend you go back to the beginning and read them all. You can get the first 5 books as a set. Though these are episodic series with cliff hangers, Ms. Hunter holds your interest from book to book. Always worth the wait!

Kindle Reviewer, Amazon

Once again I felt the need to read this all in one sitting and can't wait for the next installment! I love these main characters and the storyline keeps me interested!

Kindle Reviewer, Amazon

I love this series. I'm never disappointed when each installment comes out. Hazel Hunter can keep you entertained and always keeps you guessing. I find that very refreshing! This was a quick read and I'm excited to read the next one!

Reviewer, Amazon

Dang it. Just when everything is looking good, someone evil shows up. One you start reading one of this books, you can't stop. I'm in total awe of Ms. Hunter's gift of storytelling. You HAVE to read this series!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer, Goodreads

I have read this series from the beginning and am still totally hooked! Keeps you wondering what's going to happen next! This book ended on a cliff hanger! So now book nine needs to come out! Great storyline strong characters and hot scenes what more can you ask for??? (Besides book 9)

Reviewer, Goodreads