Hollow City Coven Book 4

HauntedAn undead city. An ill-fated love. A nightmare relived.

Wiccan researcher Gillian Granger can hardly believe she’s reached her life’s goal, but the accomplishment is tempered. The ancient city of Tenebris holds as many terrors as it does wonders. As she and Shayne wander its ghostly streets, Gillian must finally admit she’s been there before.

But as the bond between her and Shayne grows ever deeper, they find that the city’s claim on him is just as strong. Though Gillian had once dreamed of finding the Hollow City, now she’ll do anything to escape.

What Readers Are Saying

The detail of the magical city is incredible. You can almost close your eyes and paint a pretty good picture of what it would look like and that is pretty amazing…albeit creepy cuz this is not a city I would ever want to be stuck in…umm yeah…no.

Reviewer, Amazon

This series keeps getting better and better. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the suspense, twists and turns, and romance.

Reviewer, Amazon

I am not even sure where to go with this review. I absolutely love this author.

Tamster, Amazon

This series is amazing. Everything is finally coming together. In this book there are so many points that grab you and pull you in to the story. I could not stop reading.

Reviewer, Amazon

Hazel's writing always leaves me intrigued and longing for the next installment. I like her mix of suspense and romance in this series.

Diane, Amazon