House of Desire

Silver Wood Coven Book 14

House of DesireAs the race winds down, the heat turns up.

Although the rogue Wiccans have managed to take the first two Fae crystals, two others remains at large. But as Summer’s team lands in 1871 Chicago, they begin with a crisis. Summer lies unconscious from a head wound as Troy and Michael try to get help.

Meanwhile the Templars suspect each other of betrayal, and the Fae member of the team inexplicably disappears. As the date for the Great Fire nears, the fractured team relies on outside help to complete their mission. But the rogue Wiccans have some special help of their own.

What Readers Are Saying

I like the new storyline and how they are revisiting famous places and times in history. I am always happy to spend time with Summer and Troy and Michael. This chapter in their story brings more danger and surprises and some answers too. You definitely need to read them in order. Each book is a pretty quick read with a great mix of romance, action and adventure.

Linda, Goodreads

Another fantastic Journey back in time, this time to Chicago. Excellent addition to the series. After reading all 14 volumes I'm still hooked and they keep getting better and better!

Oscar, Amazon

This book was on fire. It was filled with action, laughter, romance, suspense and maybe even betrayal.

Moeniesa Sahabodien, Amazon

This installment of “House of Desire”, contains one of the most tender intimate interludes in any book I've ever read, and it's not between Summer and her guardian mates!

Book Girl, Amazon

Another winner episode. Kept me on the edge of my seat and anxious for more.

Carefree Quill, Amazon