Her Warlock Protector Book 9

HughA sexy warlock who’s also a doctor. You’ll love his bedside manner.

General Fitzhugh Colmain isn’t your normal field operative. In fact, he’s not a field guy at all. Instead, he’s a member of the Magus Corps’ medical branch, a surgeon who can manipulate chi. But the rumor of a witch with a rare talent has lured him from the healing covens.

Phoenix Brielle and her giant poodle, Anubis, have been working at the hospital for nearly a year. As an animal therapist, she takes him to visit patients, spreading her canine friend’s love. But the hospital also gives her a unique opportunity. About the time she discovered Anubis, she started to revive the dead.

But as healer and necromancer get to know one another, jealous eyes watch from the periphery. The hospital’s chaplain would do anything for Phoenix—absolutely anything.

What Readers Are Saying

If witches interest you, you'll enjoy this book. The characters are well written with unique personalities. Of course, no book can go wrong when there is a dog in the mix. These are great stand lone books. I'm looking forward to reading more from this series.

Lynda, Goodreads

So sweet, so cute! It was super sexy, sassy and adorable!

SexyBook Boyfriend, Goodreads

Another home run for the Warlock Protector series … grab it quick then settle in, you won't want to move till the end…

JJ, Goodreads

Fantastically stunning, I'm not good at this but this book is awesome loved it, definitely a must read and I will most definitely read all the books writen by Hazel Hunter she is a gifted writer!!

Tracy, Goodreads

Magnificent! I ❤ Hazel Hunter and her Magnus Corps hotties.

Mary, Goodreads

My favorite Warlock is finally available for all!! This is the book that introduced me to Hazel Hunter, and it still holds a real soft spot in my bookshelf.

Bookkink, Goodreads

First book I read by Hazel Hunter and I was hooked! I love the storyline, I love Hugh and Phoenix. Great characters and a great story.

Jayme Smith, Amazon