Nightmares become real as the past threatens to blot out the future.

In the hellish world of the Shadow Walk Prison, novice witch Hailey Deveraux is running out of time. As her body languishes in the real world, her spirit searches a bizarre and changing landscape. Though she’d dearly like to leave, she won’t without her two lovers.

The dark and brooding Kieran McCallen and coven master Piers Dayton are missing. Cursed by a demon, they have been banished to endlessly wander the horrible realm. Using only her feelings to guide her, Hailey navigates the Shadow Walk Prison to find them. But what she discovers are two men caught up in terrors of the past.

As Hailey is swept into their nightmares, her only fixed point is the love she feels for them. But as fears and demons assault them, the trio comes together and fractures apart. As time slips away, Hailey must ask herself one question: Is her love strong enough to bring them home?

This story is getting more exciting as the series progresses. So if you have thought of jumping any of the other books in this series, to get to the ending, don't because you won't really understand what is happening and why. Enjoy this book ; I know I have and I plan on finishing the series.Kindle Reviewer
Our favorite guys are trapped in Shadow Walk, and it's up to Hailey to bring them back.Kindle Reviewer
This one gives us considerable history and information about the guys and sets the stage for the last book. I have already recommended this series to several friends and I recommend it to anyone reading this review.Kindle Reviewer
Those evil demonic dream worlds can be creepy. It seems those trapped make their own hell. Hailey is more than up to the task, and boy is her therapy hot.Kindle Reviewer

Hailey opened her eyes, aware of a dull throbbing cloud of pain in her head. For a long moment, it distracted her from thinking about anything else beyond getting out of bed and getting some water. The light in her apartment was faint, telling her that it was just past dawn.

Dressed only in her nightgown, she padded the short distance to the tiny kitchen where last night’s take-out was still sitting on the edge of the counter. A drink of water helped the headache ease a little bit, but she could tell that it was already going to be a bad day.

Her waitress uniform was draped over a chair. She regarded it with animosity. Some day soon, she was going to get another job, one that actually suited her, but for now, she guessed it was fine. It was too late for her to go back to bed so she supposed that she might as well get ready for work. A peek out the window showed a dull gray alley where rain was spitting down.

She felt a bone-deep dissatisfaction that slowly faded away to resignation. It was fine. It was life. It was as it always had been. Maybe she could look into going to school or moving out of the city for a while.

Even those thoughts were normal. What wasn’t normal was the man in the Roman centurion costume who opened the door to her apartment. For a long moment, Hailey just stared at him. Things like this didn’t happen in her dull, uninteresting world. Who the hell was he?

“Hailey? Where are you?”

“How the hell do you know my name?” she asked, unnerved. “How did you unlock my door?”

He stared at her. He was handsome enough, she supposed, with dark curly hair and a muscular frame. However, he would have been a lot more attractive if he hadn’t been wearing what looked like a very real sword and invading her personal space.

“It’s not important. I can’t stay long. You need to get a move on–”

“Damn straight you can’t stay long,” she said loudly, trying to forget the fact that she was only wearing a long flannel nightgown. “You’re leaving right the hell now, before I call the cops.”

Not sure how I can do that on a disconnected land-line, but whatever.

“Hailey, stop this. This place isn’t real. You’re not really wherever this is.”

Hailey snorted. Great, not only did she have to wake up and go to work, she had to deal with a costumed druggie who had wandered into her home.

“Yeah, right, I’ll bet it’s all Alice in Wonderland for you, Centurion. Now get the hell out of here. I mean it, I don’t want to hurt you but I will.”

The man sighed with anger, something that Hailey found quite unkind for someone who had definitely not been invited to her home.

“Stop this at once. You have a task to do, and this illusion does not become you.”

“Become this,” she snapped.

The closest thing to hand was an old lamp that she had never liked anyway. It flew through the air in a perfect arc. If he hadn’t dodged so nimbly, it would have smashed him right in the face.

“Gods below, Hailey!”

“There’s more where that came from, asshole. I can do this all day!”

The man looked like he was going to say something else, but then he shrugged.

“As you will then, Hailey. Defend yourself.”

She knew that she must have fallen into some terrible nightmare world because the man blurred. When she could focus on him again, she didn’t see a costumed Roman, but instead an enormous black wolf.

It snarled at her, stalking towards her stiff-legged and bristling.

“Nice doggy,” she said, and its growl only grew louder.

There was nothing close to hand. She started backing away, wondering if she could get on the fire escape, and if the fire escape would even support her weight.

She saw the wolf tensed to spring on her. She tried to step out of the way, but the next thing she knew it was on top of her, the blunt nails digging into her thigh as those enormous teeth snapped just inches away from her face.

Her hands flailed on the ground, desperate to find something, anything that was going to help her. Instead, there was nothing, but something pinged in her mind when her hand brushed the wolf’s sturdy body. Somehow, she could feel an endless source of heat and light, like lava flowing under the earth. Somehow, she could tell that it represented the wolf’s power, his life force.

Fire. Wolves are afraid of fire, right?

Suddenly, her hands were full of fire. She shoved the flames into the wolf’s face, making it leap backwards off her with a loud yelp. She climbed to her feet, wary of another attack. Then she realized that she held fire in her hands, and everything went a little funny. Her mind seemed like it was trying to hold two realities. In one, she was a graduate of the foster kid program, sent out into the world and making her way as a waitress in some gray little town. In the other, she was a witch, a woman who held power, who had two lovers, who triumphed over the evil that had been set in her path.

The two realities fought with one another, bringing back her headache with a vengeance. She shouted with the pain. In the edge of her vision, the wolf turned into the Roman again. It had finally happened. She was going crazy.