Island Magic

Passage to Passion Book 5

Island MagicA chance for riches. A chance for love. A gutsy couple who reach for both.

When Melanie Bass tracks down her dad’s former divemaster in the Caribbean, it’s not quite the reunion she had hoped for. Down to her last dollar and a map from her deceased father, she has no choice but to turn to Kirk for help.

Kirk Hatcher, treasure hunter turned successful tour operator, has moved on. He’s finally put the broken relationship with Mel’s father in the past. Although he’s still a divemaster, Melanie is no longer a teenage girl with a crush. She’s turned into a stunning and graceful young woman.

But against his better judgement, Kirk and Melanie launch a final treasure hunt. Unfortunately it’s not sharks that infest the warm waters—it’s pirates. With their lives under threat, their strained relationship takes a decidedly torrid turn.