Jacyn is Free



JACYN - Darksilver Book 0

A legacy is realized and a prophecy unfolds.

In the wake of the death of her parents, Kara Tanner must get on with life. But trying to keep her promises to them only keeps the pair in her thoughts. Her only respite is her new art studio and the antique mirror she finds there. As she sketches its distorted reflections, a handsome face slowly takes form—one that quickly captivates her.

In the great keepe of the House of Hawks, Blade Lord Jacyn hears whispers of war. But as he broods, it is what he sees that troubles him. A lovely, weeping woman has appeared in his darksilver. As suspicion finally gives way to obsession, he must act to bring her to him or see her perish.

But as passion erupts, a traitorous foe sees his chance and centuries of peace teeters on the brink.

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