Immortal Highlander Clan Skaraven Book 4

KanythCan a druidess with the power of visions be blind to love?

Weapons Master Kanyth Skaraven has always found favor with the ladies, until he meets Perrin Thomas. Though the fairy-like druid descendant seemed fated for him, he finds himself torn in two directions. His unique power with the forge is something he must keep under tight control—a control that slips when Perrin is near.

Dancer Perrin Thomas can’t find her purpose in medieval Scotland. While her fellow women from the future work to aid the highlanders, Perrin’s visions have vanished. Without her gift she struggles to help and is at a complete loss when it comes to the gorgeous Weapons Master. It’s obvious that he can barely stand to be near her despite her inexplicable longing for him.

But as the deadly attacks of the mad druids and their giants escalate to a fever pitch, Perrin and Kanyth must master their deepest fears as well as their desires.

What Readers Are Saying

Hazel Hunter did a fantastic job with this book. Once again I have been transported back to medieval Scotland and shared in the characters fears and happiness. This ties in perfectly with the rest of the Clan Skraven books.

Cozy Couch Reviews, Goodreads

After an argument with Kanyth she finds herself marked by his battle spirit as his mate. Then sparks literally fly. Too fun watching them work this out.

Carefree Quill, Amazon
Loved this one. The series keeps on getting better and better. I loved the complete turnabout for Perrin including her behaviour, and Kanyth is a sweetie. Beautifully written and constructed, this book was impossible to put down.
Deb Le, Goodreads

The characters are well written and complement this fast paced plot. There is action, adventure and suspense, you'll keep turning pages until the end. I'm looking forward book 5.

Lynda, Goodreads

I was completely carried away to this world and it was a real delight.

Alana, Amazon


Audiobook Edition

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Format: Unabridged
Narrator: William MacCleod
Time: 7 hrs, 15 min

Warning: Use cheap headphones. They're about to melt.
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