Labyrinth of Love

Romance in the Ruins Book 2

Labyrinth of LoveThe path to love isn’t just winding. It’s dark, erotic, and dangerous.

When labyrinth expert Dr. Helen Montrose is summoned to the island of Crete by archaeologist Edith Evans, Helen can hardly wait to learn the reason for her visit. But when she discovers that Dr. Dimitrius Petros has also been invited, Helen refuses to participate. Despite his wealth and good looks, there is no way she will work with an arrogant and domineering man like him—not even for her good friend.

But sudden tragedy forces both Helen and Dimitri to set aside their differences. With their defenses down, they quickly discover that each is not what they had seemed. Although they can no longer deny the powerful attraction between them, the labyrinth harbors danger at every turn—and a deadly secret at its heart.