Lachlan Prize Package Giveaway

Lachlan Prize Package
* An autographed copy of Lachlan (Immortal Highlander Book 1)
* A tote bag (designed by yours truly with a tartan pattern of course!)
* A reusable grocery bag (designed by yours truly)
* A charm bracelet with symbols for the Immortal Highlander series (made by me)
* A keychain with symbols from the different coven series (made by me too)
* A beaded bookmark with symbols from the Immortal Highlander series (made by me again!)
* Two coasters (designed by yours truly)
* A coffee mug (designed by yours truly)
* Some cool stickers (designs will vary)
* A neat rubber stamp (designs will vary)
* A $25 Amazon gift card (physical or digital)

Lachlan Prize Package Giveaway!