Lens of Time

Silver Wood Coven Book 16

Lens of TimeBetrayal comes from where the team least expects it

Though the last of the Fae crystals have slipped from their grasp, Summer, Michael and Troy cannot give up the quest. Returned to the present day and stunned by what they find, they make one final attempt to save the world from the destruction. But as they close in on the impossible goal, they are not alone.

What Readers Are Saying

This is the last book in this series and was a wonderful conclusion to books that are/were very creative with lush and sensual descriptions. The characters were very strong. The plot was perfectly drawn and executed. The world the author created of magic and fantasy was very absorbing and difficult to put down. I loved all the books and recommend them. If you love magic and Sci-Fy/Fantasy with strong multi-faceted characters and exquisite descriptions you will love it too.

Alana, Amazon

I really liked how the author ended this section of the story. It answered all the questions and provided closure. I am looking forward to seeing what the author does with the characters on their next journey.

Linda, Goodreads

This was a wonderful installment to a great series. I've been following their journey book after book, each has been a page-turner. I am so happy with the ending of this book because they got their wish! Personally, I would really love to read more about our main trio and the next guardian. Fingers crossed!

Kelly, Goodreads

Needless to say, this series has been a thrill ride from beginning to end. No detail has been omitted and every character was perfectly created, defined and executed.

Jeanne, Amazon

Ah! I can't believe it's over!

Reviewer, Amazon