Immortal Highlander Clan Mag Raith Book 2

KanythWhen an Englishwoman lands in medieval Scotland, quite literally on a massive highlander, she demands some answers.

Rosealise Dashlock is not messing about. In her no-nonsense way, she wants to know the name of this Scottish warrior, why they share the same tattoos, and what mysterious force immediately draws her to him.

Mael Mag Raith may be the clan’s gentle giant, but he finds his patience sorely tested with Rosealise. Though he would do anything to protect the beautiful lass, she has a will of iron and a talent for getting her way.

However as the clan tries to sort out her appearance, their enemies do not rest. Druid kind and Sluath now hunt the Mag Raith together, both all too willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.


Wish I could give it 10 stars.

L Porter, Amazon

They really make for a great couple and she never stops challenging him.

Linda Levine, Goodreads

Her arrival was spectacular (in my view) and something I've been wanting to read in a book for quite a while.

Yvonne Scott Frasor, Goodreads

She a strong gentle woman and he's a strong gentleman. They make a beautiful couple. I cried reading this book.

Kindle Customer, Amazon

It's official, I have a new favourite story in this series. Mael and Rosealise's is fantastic. Jealousy between brothers added into the mix, lots of romance, action and manipulation in this one. Beautifully crafted with great characters and excellent research. This one reads like a dream.

Oscar, Amazon

If you’re looking for a book filled with love, light, darkness, evil, and magic then this is the book you are looking for.

Alison, Goodreads

It takes a great story teller to develop a love story in this kind of setting, but Hazel does it.

Hotwheels Harry, Amazon

I need a Mael in my life!! 🙂 Demons not so much!!

Tralynn33, Amazon