Matched Mates

Four hearts create a bond that goes beyond love.

Heather and Lucas experience the most sensual bonding of their lives, when Astrid and Sander Doray join them. In a way that seems destined, the foursome complete each other. But the intimacy comes at a cost, as the painful past of the Dorays is revealed.

But forces within and without the mountain stronghold are laying deadly plans. Even as Heather and Lucas bond tightly with their new lovers, unseen enemies come within reach.

Totally loving the direction this series is taking. There is just a bit of humor mixed in mystery, wrapped in steamy sexiness, and bundled in fur, teeth and claws.Kindle Reviewer
I can't get enough of this series! There are so many interlinking plots.Kindle Reviewer
The story line continues to be excellent and the plot superb. As I mentioned in my last review the couple attracted to the main couple is amazing. The foursome complete each other and decide to bond.Emma, Kindle Reviewer
Just when we think we know where the story is going to take us and everything is calm then the book takes a sudden change. I can not wait until the next installment.Vicki, Kindle Reviewer
Nothing like starting a new book with the two main characters just moments from death!Hotwheels Harry, Kindle Reviewer

Wintery light sifted through the lazy, lacy snowfall as Heather Moore looked into the unblinking yellow eyes of her death. She’d never imagined seeing it so clearly, but during her twenty-eight years of existence she’d rarely thought of dying, or how her life would end.

This is how. I’m going to be killed right here.

Everything that had brought her back to the mountains of Aspen had led to this moment. Raised here by her older sister Marguerite after their parents had been murdered, yet rejected by the coven of immortal Wiccans who had given them sanctuary, Heather had spent half her life as an unwanted outcast. After years of lonely misery she’d finally left Marguerite and Sanctuary Coven to live a solitary mortal life in Denver. Going to college and then working as a high school guidance counselor there had been fulfilling. Heather had even dared to dream of finding true love someday.

I might have found it, too, with him.

Lucas Carré, the man facing death beside her, should have been her someday. A tall, dark Frenchman with stunning violet eyes, he’d warmed her solitary heart from the moment they had met. She hadn’t known he was a warlock serving in the Magus Corps, or that he would use her to infiltrate her sister’s coven. She might never have forgiven him for that, either, but events since coming to Aspen had drawn them back together. Although she knew it was beyond foolish, Heather had even felt a tiny bit of hope for their future.

A future that would now be extinguished along with them.

Two enormous wolves, one black, one white, snarled and bunched their massive, powerful muscles as they dropped into a low crouch before Heather and Lucas. The blood of two wayward hikers already stained their slavering muzzles, which snorted gore-scented clouds of white breath into the freezing air.

“Heather.” Lucas said, his voice tight. “Run.”

Run, yes, she should. When they sprang the wolves would knock down her and Lucas, tearing at them with teeth and claws until they could rip them apart and gorge themselves again. Although the pair were half-Wiccan shape-shifters, as wolves their minds no longer contained any rational human thought or emotion. To them she and Lucas were simply more easy prey.

But we’re not that easy, Heather thought as an inexplicable calm coalesced inside her. And if we’re going to die, we should do it fighting for our lives—together.

She tore her gaze from the wolves to glance at Lucas. Closing her eyes for a moment, she used her second sight to read his brilliant aura. The enormous dragon of light and color that curled around him glittered with crystalline explosions of white-edged crimson courage. Her lover meant to attack the wolves first and give her a chance to escape. Although he was a powerful warlock, he could not hold off both shifters alone, and he knew it. He meant to sacrifice himself to save her life.

As a mortal Heather had no power, other than her ability to read auras. Yet sometimes she could extend her own life energy to comfort and strengthen others. Would doing the same to Lucas help him?

Cherie, please,” her lover said. “I can keep them from following you.”

“Or I can help you.” She extended the deep violet corona of her own aura to join with his, channeling through it every ounce of life energy she possessed. “Take what you need from me.”

Power crackled in the air around them as Lucas’s dark eyes took on an iridescent glow. Heather knew as a light elemental the warlock could control all forms of light, and even turn them into weapons.

“Stay behind me.”

He lifted his hands as the wolves snarled, and all the sunlight around them funneled into his palms, plunging the clearing into complete darkness.

Heather heard the wolves lunge just before Lucas released his power. A focused stream of blazing, fiery light slashed through the blackness like an enormous laser beam, plowing into the black wolf. It hurled him in mid-lunge into the white wolf before the light vanished again. In the dark, twin, heavy thuds shook the ground, and snow crusts blasted up into Heather’s face, their jagged edges scratching her delicate skin.

Heather heard the wolves scrabble back to their feet, and flinched as they howled and blundered through the darkness. Although they couldn’t see, their other senses would soon lead them straight to her and Lucas.

Strong, hot hands dragged her over to a broad tree trunk, and Lucas’s body pressed her against the icy bark. His cheek touched hers as he bent his head and waited as if listening. She breathed in his scent, letting it warm her and reassure her.

Lucas pressed his palm to her face, brushing his lips against hers in wordless comfort before he went still and lifted his head. Heather knew what it was as soon as low, furious yowls of two cougars tore through the air: Sander and Astrid Doray, the ancient shape shifters that had come here from Asia to find her and Lucas, had arrived in their animal forms.

The wolves answered with snapping snarls that drew closer, and Heather froze as she felt hot breath on her fingers. In the darkness, a rough tongue licked her hand as one of the massive cats glided against her legs. The warm weight of it sank into her, spreading more calm. She didn’t fully understand the connection she and Lucas shared with the Dorays, who were as tragic as they were seductive. But knowing they were there pushed away the last of her terror.

The cougar nearest Heather tensed and uttered a warning hiss, and then sprang away. The sound of two heavy bodies smashing through the frosty brush made her throat tighten and her heart race.

“Stay here,” Lucas said.

He followed the cat, vanishing into the complete blackness as the wrenching sounds of the animals fighting ripped through the icy air.

Heather tried in vain to see what was happening. Roars of rage and pain mingled with the obscene crash of mangling teeth and tearing claws, and then the gruesome crack of bones breaking. She heard Lucas utter a spell in a low, furious voice and sunlight flooded her watery eyes.

She dashed away her tears to see the torn, still bodies of the wolves flung on the ground, their blood silently soaking into the snow. Lucas lay on his side, his arms around one cougar sprawled beside him. The other big cat limped over before it collapsed beside its mate.

Heather rushed over, skirting the bodies of the dead wolves as she knelt down beside the warlock and the wounded cats. She saw the blood on his hands and sleeves and gasped. “Lucas.”

“It’s not mine.” He stroked his hand over the cougar’s torn fur. “They’re hurt, and this one is very bad.”

Heather pulled off her jacket and draped it over the cat Lucas held before turning to its mate. She held out her hand, sighing with relief as the big cat licked it, and then checked the long, powerful body for injuries. A long gash across the flank and several deep neck wounds bled freely.

“I’ll run to the coven house,” she said, “and get some help.”

“Don’t run anywhere,” Lucas told her.

Heather turned her head to see a pair of huge, majestic lions padding toward them.

“Oh, no.”