Her Warlock Protector Book 8

MatteoA magician’s assistant must trick her heart if she is ever to find true magic.

Natalie Trucco has put the past behind her—way behind. For the last nine years she’s flown under the Wiccan radar, doing the only thing she knows: using her power as a magician’s assistant. She and her aging partner have criss-crossed the country, careful never to linger too long or step too far into the limelight. But as her friend and mentor approaches the end of his life, he has one final wish: to return to the Las Vegas Strip.

Magus Corps officer Matteo Monti has been searching for the one true love of his life since the fateful day she disappeared. Even amidst the horrific circumstances of her departure, their whirlwind romance still shines. But he couldn’t be more stunned when she returns to the very place it all began.

Her Warlock Protector books are standalone novels (with an HEA) that can be read in any order.

What Readers Are Saying

As always, the characters are amazing, the ending has a plot twist, and there's tons of action from beginning to end. I absolutely love Hazel Hunter and the way she brings things to life in her books. I definitely recommend reading this book!

Kelly, Goodreads

Matteo … dark, sexy, rich with lots of secrets and some very extraordinary abilities which he is not afraid to use. The man has been on a mission for nine years and his search is about to end with the entrance of a beautiful woman. Who is she and why is he after her?

JJ, Goodread

This is a really nice read. Wiccan romance, unsolved murders, love thwarted…… it's got all the ingrédients to while alway the tme pleaantly. The plots flows effortlessly, the characters are well developped, it's very well written, what more can you ask for?

Deb Le, Goodreads

This is the 8th book in the series and I enjoyed as much as I did the first one.

Lynda, Goodreads

I adored the ending, which made this story worth the read.

AC_1098610, Amazon